Digital Diwali

5th – 15th November 2020

A free, online celebration of the Indian Festival of Lights – creating a cultural connection across Greater Manchester

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Bed time stories Based on the epic adventures of Rama and Sita from the Ramayana. Suitable for 6yrs +, and told in English, a variety of Indian languages, and broadcast across the web and community radio stations.

Programme Highlights

Hanuman’s Tale - A story for children and adults ages 6+

Daily, 5th November to 13th November at 7pm

Based on the epic adventures of Rama and Sita from the Ramayana, Hanuman tells the story through his own eyes.

It is a timeless story – many, many thousands years old and yet it is as if it only happened yesterday.

It belongs to all the world, and yet only a few can really hear it. Adapted from The Monkey’s Tale by Peter Bonnici, Narrated by Mark Holgate. Also available on BHF Radio.

Storytelling with Supriya

Daily, 8th November to 13th November at 7.20pm

Supriya Nagarajan will be presenting a series of stories and songs that captures the Ramayana in all its glory, interspersing the stories with songs in English and variety of Indian languages.

From the birth of Lord Rama, his swayamvara (wedding) with Goddess Sita, 14 years in the forest, the role of Hanuman the monkey God and Rama’s victory over Ravana the ten headed demon king of Lanka.

Join in and listen to the podcasts from the 8th of November for seven nights with a grand finale on the 14th.


Online participation for all the family.

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Music & Dance

Live classical and contemporary dance.

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9 days of stories from the Ramayana for all ages.

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Fiery Headline Show

A live-streamed spectacle, celebrating light over darkness.

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