Sunday 28th March 2021

A free, online celebration of the Hindu Festival of Colours – creating a cultural connection across Greater Manchester and beyond

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Flavours of Holi is an exciting and diverse cultural programme of live music and dance performances by over 50 artists from across the UK. The final performance “The Magic Shawl” will be a contemporary telling of the Hindu mythological story behind Holi, created and produced by Walk the Plank, played out by dancers and actors with some colourful special effects. A performance not to be missed, and followed by Voices of Holi, collaborative mixture of audio and visuals exploring what Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colours means to people across the globe. All performances are broadcast live from Neuron Pro Audio, our Covid secure studio situated in Trafford Park.

Sunday 28th Mar

1:05pm - 1:20pm
Bhavi Ram cookery demonstration
Bhavi Ram demonstrates how to cook two traditional Holi favourites Gujiyaa and Dahivada

1:20pm - 1:25pm
National Youth Training Choir of Great Britain’s ‘BALLEILAKKA’
featuring TARANG Percussion Ensemble (A.R.Rahman, arranged by Ethan Sperry - From 'Sivaji: The Boss')

1:25pm - 1:41pm
Explosive Dholis @explosiveents
Explosive Dholis use the loud, thunderous, urban and explosive sounds of the Dhol to create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere

1:44pm - 1:48pm
Rivonia Goswami
Semi classical dance telling the story of Radha yearning for her divine love Krishna, the most revered God of the Hindu pantheon.

1:48pm - 1:55pm
Prachi Agarwal
Bollywood dance performance

1:55pm - 2:14pm
Falguni Dasgupta
Vocal music by the master degree student of Rabindra Bharati University of kolkata, India.

2:15pm - 2:33pm
Nupur Arts Dance Academy
Bollywood, Folk and Bharatnatyam dance performances from the dynamic arts organisation based in the heart of Leicester since 1990

2:33pm - 2:44pm
Sharmista Bhattacharya
Bollywood Dance from the versitile dancer trained by renowned Bollywood choreographer – Shiamak Davar in Mumbai.

2:44pm - 2:51pm
Anita Ghosh
Performing Semi classical/Bollywood dance to a mix of Holi classics

2:55pm - 3:10pm
Devika Dance Theatre
Dance Drama presenting the story of Kamadeva, showing how he sacrifices his life to protect the world from the demon Tarakasur and how Kamadeva awakens Lord Shiva from his deep meditation.

3:11pm - 3:26pm
Hardeep Sahota
Bhangra dance, workshop and Dhol drumming by the founder of the 'World Bhangra Council' and 'World Bhangra Day'

3:27pm - 3:54pm
Sanjoy Dey
Bollywood songs from an award-winning Tagore exponent and one of the finest versatile Indian singers in Europe.

3:55pm - 4:02pm
Swati Dance Company
Two Bharatnatyam dance pieces from the South Asian Dance Company based in the Northwest region of England

4:02pm - 4:13pm
Atreyee Bhattacharya
Kathak dance performance

4:13pm - 4:24pm
The Bollywood Divaz
A mashup of Bollywood 's Holi celebration songs

4:26pm - 5:12pm
Hamit Wallia (Tabla), Mukesh Kannan (keyboard) & Kalyani Gadela (singer)
A musical treat covering a range of old Bollywood classics

5:14pm - 5:24pm
Roshni Sarkar
Kathak dance performance based on a couple of well known thumris capturing the essence of Holi

5:24pm - 5:33pm
Natalie Rout
Two semi classical dance performances to songs 'Mohe Rang Do Laal' and 'Barso re'

5:33pm - 5:40pm
Kanchan Maradan
Kathak dance performance

5:40pm - 5:54pm
Anaya Vasudha Bolar
Bharatnatyam dance performance

5:54pm - 6:06pm
Abhinandana Dance Academy, Preston
Two Kuchipudi dance performances

6:07pm - 6:41pm
Punjabi Roots Academy
Dhol & Bhangra performance and workshop

6:43pm - 7:04pm
Fiery Headline Show
The Magic Shawl – created and produced by Walk the Plank
The story behind this colourful and joyous celebration of the arrival of spring, regeneration & love, created and produced by Walk the Plank, told through acting, dance and colourful special effects

7:06pm - 7:10pm
Fiery Headline Show
Voices of Holi – A community collaboration
A collaborative mixture of audio and visuals, discovering what the Hindu Festival of Colours means to communities across Greater Manchester and beyond.

7:15pm - 7:40pm
Reflections Disco by @explosiveents
An immersive experience with live DJ, Drums, Dance and Dhol artists fusing Bollywood, Pop, R&B, Bhangra sounds.

7:40pm - 8:38pm
DJ Fritz
Get your requests in through our interactive chat

8:38pm - 9:38pm
DJ Sanj Soni
A collection of traditional Holi Songs & Upbeat Bhangra