Greater Manchester Diwali

24th October 2022

From 6pm

A free, online celebration of the Hindu Festival of Lights – creating a cultural connection across Greater Manchester and beyond

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In celebration of Diwali 2022, we wanted to look back at our amazing 2021 and 2022 digital programmes full of creativity, creating cultural connections across Greater Manchester and beyond

Digital Programme

Hosted by Kanchan Maraden, the digital programme begins with Cohesion Plus presenting 4 x 4 Bhangra and The Kings of Dhol, showcasing Punjabi culture from North India via Gravesend, North Kent!

Then Devika Dance Theatre tells the story of how the Goddess Durga slew the buffalo-demon Mahishasura, presented in a popular theatre style called Yakshagna from Karnataka state, South India.

Next up, pioneer UK Indian wedding brass band, Bollywood Brass Band have created a London masala of film melodies and Bhangra beats, with flavours from jazz and world music; a key ingredient is dhol drummers, playing Bhangra rhythms from the Punjab.

Hamit Walia and Kirpal Singh Panesar, perform Bollywood style, showcasing a Tar Shainai with Tabla and other percussion instruments.

Coming from Leicester, dynamic dance organisation Nupur Arts performs Bollywood, folk and classical dance.

Sharmista Bhattacharjee and students perform a classical and contemporary mashup of dance styles.

And then, Olivia Moore, Giuliano Modarelli and Gurdain Rayatt perform original fusion compositions.

Milapfest Jonathan Mayer and Kousic Sen come together to present a classic Sitar and Tabla duet in this special Diwali concert.

Created and produced by Walk the Plank, ‘The Home Coming’ is a 20-minute performance of dance and storytelling, featuring the final part of seven days of stories by Supriya Nagarajan’s songs in English, and a variety of Indian languages.

To finish the programme off we showcase homemade lanterns created by families across Greater Manchester.