Bollywood Brass Band

Bollywood Brass Band

The Bollywood Brass Band are the UK’s pioneer Indian wedding brass band, playing hits from Indian films, Bhangra and other South Asian styles.

The band started as a collaboration with the Shyam Brass Band from Jabalpur, India, one of India’s leading wedding brass bands. It has created a London masala of film melodies and Bhangra beats, with flavours from jazz and world music; a key ingredient is dhol drummers, playing Bhangra rhythms from the Punjab.

The last twenty years have seen Bollywood fever sweeping the world, and taken the band to festivals, venues and weddings across Europe, Australia, Canada, South Africa, India and other Asian countries.

This interest in Bollywood has also led to a rapidly growing education programme by the band, with projects in the UK, France and Norway; an online learning resource, and the release of a series of books on playing brass and wind in Bollywood style, written by Kay Charlton of the band, and published by Spartan Press.

The band has released six acclaimed CDs, several of which have been chosen for Top10 lists of world music albums of the year by the Sunday Times and by Songlines, the UK’s premier world music magazine.

Carnatic Suite (with Jyotsna Srikanth) BOLLCD2006 (Bollywood Brass Band, 2019)
Carnatic Connection (with Jyotsna Srikanth) BOLLCD2005 (Bollywood Brass Band, 2016)
Chaiyya Chaiyya (with Rafaqat Ali Khan) Fy 8177 (Felmay, 2011)
Movie Masala BOLLCD2004 (Emergency Exit Arts, 2004)
Rahmania – the music of AR Rahman BOLLCD2002 (Emergency Exit Arts, 2002)
The Bollywood Brass Band BOLLCD2001 (Emergency Exit Arts, 1999)

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Jas Daffu dhol drum
Philippe d’Amonville drumkit and snare drum
Paul Brett percussion and bass drum
Sarha Moore soprano sax
Kay Charlton trumpet and flugelhorn
Steve Pretty trumpet
Dave Jago trombone
Tom Marriott trombone
David Aird sousaphone

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